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Tanned hairy hunks Tony Orion and Alessio Romero play in the poolside their kisses escalating as Tony wraps his built feet around his hairy body. Alessio widens Tony’s cheeks, grinding his dick against the stud’s hole as their beards meet in a ardent kiss. Tony groans as that guy receives fingered, the two pretty soon out of the pool as their big dicks touch. Tony opens wide to engulf Alessio’s rock hard, fat cock. Tony receives his uncut dick sucked, spit leaking down as Alessio takes it to the root. Tony bends down to kiss the sucker, who continues to worship it as a wad of spit forms at the base of Tony’s sac, sliding to the ground. Alessio snaps up his boner as that guy sucks, his meat pulsating in passion. Alessio buries his stubbly chin in Tony’s hole, then shoves his dick in as that guy varies him rhythm. Tony smiles, his butt shaking previous to that guy receives on his back, gripping the sheet as Alessio’s pubes slam his arse. Tony beats his cock as that guy receive fucked, the 2 pretty soon shooting.

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Older hairy jocks Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber get ready for rugby but never make it out of the locker room. The 2 show off their jockstraps the scent of their used, unwashed cloth turning every other on. Dirk feeds his impure sock to his pumped up body, the 2 peppering every other with kisses through noses pressed against every other as they stare, their bristly chins encounter. The 2 put their shorts on and grind against each other, Jesse pretty soon pulling Dirk’s down to sniff his bulging jockstrap before licking his hairy armpit. The 2 sniff every other’s old shoes, Jesse soon putting his scrum cap on previous to Dirk sucks his curve cock. Big muscled bear Jesse pulls Dirk’s shorts down, the dick popping out in his bearded face. He sniffs it, then wraps his tongue around the shaft. Dirk pisses all over Jesse, soaking his constricted rugby jersey. Jesse returns the favor, the two drenched. Dirk fucks Jesse over the bench the bottom moaning with every unfathomable thrust. Jesse sits on the top, the bottom’s unshaved butt rubbing against the top’s fuzzy nuts. Dirk jerks the bottom as that guy rides, the two in a short time squirting.

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Standing infirm with his hands bound gay in the air, hairy bear Matt Stevens is at the lenience of muscle hunk Nick Prescott who strokes Matt’s dick, rubs his pumped up frame and pinches his nips. Nick slaps Matt’s booty and spits in his mouth, punching the hunk’s reddening hairy body. Matt grunts, his wild eyes fixated on his tormenter. This guy spits on Nick, the strand leaking from his scruffy chin. Nick spits back and delivers more punches, then forces Matt’s face in his hairy armpit. Matt sniffs and licks it, Nick then licking Matt’s hairy armpit in advance of sucking him deep, gurgling as that guy takes it all in. The breathless Nick spits on Matt’s cock and rubs it in, then sucks some more as spit oozes from the jock’s sac. Nick frees his captive’s hands and feeds him his cock, then voids urine on the hairy hunk. Nick eats out Matt and spits on him in advance of fucking him from behind, grabbing the bottom’s harness as he ploughs previous to they come.

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As reflections of the poolside water ripple on the wall behind him, hairy hunk Justin King sits on the patio wanking his horny dick as the night envelops his inked body. At the edge of the pool, Hunter Marx beats his large cock as he sucking Dario Beck’s fat big cock. Justin walks over and stands by Dario, Hunter going back and forth as this guy sucks every metallic shaft. A spit strand forms from Dario’s dick to Hunter’s mouth, then transfers to Justin’s cock and leaks to the ground in a memorable sequence. Justin and Dario wrap their arms around every other, kissing as their dicks touch whilst Hunter sucks reaching up to rub Justin’s hairy body. Justin then bonks Dario from behind, the bottom’s mouth stuffed with Hunter’s huge cock. Justin reaches over to pinch Hunter’s nip, their arms connected. Justin then gets on all fours, groaning Fuck! as Hunter enters his butt. The bottom sucks on Dario who is pretty soon coated in all of their cum after they jack off side by side.

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As that guy surfaces from the pool, hairy Tom Wolfe lifts his frame into the night as water leaks from each brawny. Lounging on the pool bed is black hunk Jay Bentley, quickly inching closer to kiss and suck the stud. Tom’s dick pulses when it’s released from Jay’s swallow; this guy whips it on the sucker’s face, fucking it anew as Jay gags. Jay rubs his hand on the stud’s stomach, Tom covering it with his own hand in a hawt shot. Jay sucks his balls, then lays back to receive slurped. On his stomach, Jay receives eaten as his cock is splayed against the mattress. Tom slides his cock in, his hand on Jay’s toned back. Pull that arse cheek back, this guy instructs, Jay showing off his aperture. Tom goes faster, his hairy, built quads slamming the bottom’s smooth arse. Jay grips the mattress as this guy is pinned, then sits down on Tom the bottom’s rough dick bobbing as he rides, Tom grabbing hold of his arse. On his back, Jay comes as this guy acquires drilled his wad used as lube as the top beats out his own load.

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