Daddy bear Josh West fucks hairy hunk George Ce with his big dick

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$100, right? asks Josh West as that guy takes cash from George Ce. Now what do you want? George begins filming the daddy bear, who is adorned in a cutoff flannel and cowboy hat. Open your shirt, George orders, one of many that have Josh stripping down to his jockstrap his balls peeking out as his cock throbs. Wanna watch what’s inside? this guy asks, not fast releasing his big cock. George films it, the tension building as Josh repeatedly lifts up his brute and lets it bounce down, the stylish weight of his heavy boner arousing George even more. George opens wide and sucks, pretty soon feeding his own uncut hotty to Josh who gags on it. George whips his dick on the sucker’s face, then suggests his hole. Josh eats it before pushing his cock inside, working up a hawt rhythm: u like this? This is a cowboy fuck! The bottom turns over for more and is pretty soon coated in cum, Josh’s hot load splitting the stud’s chest down the middle.

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