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Hairy Hunter Marx has one thing on his mind: Colby White, the two smooching outside as their boners throb. Hunter licks Colby’s cock, spit strands just now clinging to it. that guy spits on it before Colby grabs his head and copulates his mouth. Hunter licks Colby’s tight balls, then uses his thumb to catch a strand of pre cum from Colby’s cock head stretching it to his throat and licking it off. The 2 stand, their beards and cocks facing each other in advance of Colby sucks his bud back. A large stand of precum leaks from Colby’s shaft, some other strand in a short time clinging to it as it glistens and trickle to the ground. They kiss, Colby’s precum connecting their cocks as they engage in swordplay. Hunter bows over and receives his hairy butt munched and fucked, his booty rippling. Muscled guy gets screwed faster on his back, the bottom whipping his dick on Colby’s stomach. Hunter sits down on the top, jacking his big dick as that guy rides pretty soon releasing a large wad on his Colby’s leg, the top pretty soon squirting.

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