Muscular hairy men Hunter Marx fucks Jake Genesis

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Titan Men presents hot furry muscled men Jake Genesis and Hunter Marx in movie Dick Danger.

Police force informant Jake is at the lenience of interrogator Hunter, who has the buff bod bound to a giant hook. Hunter grabs hold of his captive’s bulge and licks his pit, to the surprise of the prisoner. Jake lastly submits to the shaggy hunk’s kisses, their hands all over each other as the intensity mounts. Jake’s pulsing cock is released, Hunter taking it unfathomable in his mouth as he rubs Jake’s nip. They kiss again, Hunter guiding Jake down. The informant works up the biggest bulge in Hunter`s briefs, the veiny dick pretty soon unleashed. Jake worships it as sexy profile shots captures the action, Jake’s cock palpitating as this guy sucks. As that guy teases the underside, Hunter gently tilts Jake’s chin up then spits down on his own dick, the saliva clinging to the shaft in advance of falling to the floor. Hunter bonks Jake from behind, the bottom then sitting down on him. Hunter reaches around and sensually rubs the bottom’s chiseled man as they fuck. Jake leans back on Hunter, who licks the bottom’s pit as their shafts stay stiff as metallic. On his back, Jake acquires pounded some more his tight abs caught in a great aerial discharged in advance of they discharge.

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