Bearded daddy Dirk Caber and black stud Jay Bentley

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Lying on top of bearded daddy Dirk Caber, smooth black man Jay Bentley kisses him before working his lips down the stud’s brawny body. Jay’s chin scruff grazes Dirk’s pulsing dick head, which is in a short time engulfed in his swallow. Jay wraps his lips tightly around the shaft, rubbing Dirk’s leg as this guy delivers a sultry suck. The 2 kiss, their stubbly chins grazing each other. Dirk then returns the favour rubbing Jay’s thick cock all over his scruffy head and face in advance of teasing it. Jay shoves his dick in the sucker’s face, Dirk’s oozing dick pressed against the ottoman. Jay turns around and offers his athlete ass, Dirk tonguing it as his gay beard scrapes Jay’s cheeks. Jay moans, biting his lower lip as this guy receives happy. Dirk fingers and bonks him from behind, the bottom arching back to rub Dirk’s bod. They kiss, the 2 exciting each other’s arm. Jay sits down and rides Dirk, who in a short time lifts him up and lays him on the floor for more. Jay releases a thick white wad, Dirk coming on the bottom’s chest.

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