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Bathed in shades of green, beefy voyeur Johnny Parker peers into his first door. We see a reflection of big muscle bear Jesse Jackman in the water his biggest frame beckoning us closer with his hairy muscular pecs and big, crooked cock. That guy smiles, and we realize this guy isn’t alone: hairy muscle man Johnny Parker approaches, his cock popping in the air. The two look intently into every other’s eyes, their cocks meeting as their hairy cocks touch. They kiss, Johnny licking down Jesse’s hairy body before engulfing his cock. Jesse moans as that guy receives serviced, pretty soon returning the favour as his talented tongue teases the underside of Johnny’s shaft. Jesse then sits down on his bud and rides, his hirsute butt slamming against Johnny’s furry sac. The top rubs Jesse’s body, the bottom’s dick rubbing against Johnny’s abdomen as this guy grinds down deeply. Jesse then acquires it doggie style and on his back, the 2 in a short time squirting before Jesse stares into our eyes with a smile.

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