Break a Sweat muscular bear Hunter Marx gets fucked by hairy muscled daddy Dallas Steele

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Running in the park in their red shorts, Hunter Marx and Dallas Steele cruise each other, quickly heading somewhere private. They take a dip in the pool, their hairy pecs rubbing against each other as they kiss. They continue to lock lips in the bedroom, their boners jutting up in the air. Hunter props up his big cock, showing it off as Dallas engulfs it. He sucks the tattooed stud back, opening wide to take in its thick base. They kiss, Dallas staring at the action in a mirror as he guides Hunter down again. Hunter puts his legs in the air, offering his hairy hole. Dallas buries his stubbly chin inside before fucking him, jacking Hunter as he slides in and out. “Fuck, that’s tight!” Smiles Dallas, impressed with Hunter’s skills. “Yeah, squeeze it! I feel that! “Hunter sits down on the top, his own boner bobbing as he rides. He fucks Dallas back-stroking the bottom’s hard cock at the same time. Hunter’s ass muscles clench as he goes in deep, his cock pulsing up when it comes out of the bottom’s hole-the two sweaty studs soon squirting.

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