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Arriving at a studio, gay stud Colby White is reminded that a potential job requires nudity. You do not have a problem with that? asks cute hairy Conner Habib. No, says the quiet Colby, who slowly disrobes down. The skivvies too, dude, says Conner, who is in a short time on his knees for an up-close look at Colby’s growing meat: Your dick has to look indeed priceless in the painting. Conner extends his tongue and teases the tip, a strand of spit connecting the two as he licks the shaft in advance of engulfing. Colby sucks the groaning Conner back, then stands up a huge strand of precum growing longer in front of Conner’s face. The painter opens wide for a sensual suck, his own boner pulsing underneath. Conner bows over in advance of sitting down on Colby, who rubs Conner’s leg and belly from behind. The bottom rides, his rock-hard dick bouncing like insane. The finish is unforgettable: Colby gushes a seven-squirt fountain previous to Conner fires a rocket to the camera.

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