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New porn movie Worked Over from TitanMen presents bearded hairy men Ray Nicks and Shay Michaels.

Tall Ray stands on the porch admiring the scenery when muscle man Shay approaches kissing him and taking him inside. Ray licks down Shay’s bod, engulfing his cock after it pops out of his jeans. Shay fucks his face, Ray gasping for air in advance of that guy gets a dick whipping on his face. They kiss, Shay working on the bulge in Ray’s trunks then sucking it to the thick base as a low discharged looks up at Ray’s toned bod. Shay eats him out as this guy grabs Ray’s ass, slapping it before fucking him doggie style. Shay fucks faster and gets more verbal, planting his hand in the centre of the bottom’s back as his balls group-sex Ray’s ass. Sit on my cock! demands the top, Ray soon mounting him and moaning as his rigid dick bobs up and down. Shay grips the bottom’s waist and ploughs him from below, then bonks him over the ottoman before squirting on his butt fingering the bottom as Ray jacks out a load that land’s on Shay’s unshaved forearm.

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