Muscle titan men Mike Tanner and Hans Berlin

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At the club, Hans Berlin makes his way to the men’s room to piss, shaking his cock as he acquires cruised throughout the doorway by Mike Tanner. Hans comes out and leans against the wall, the two rubbing their bulges as they stare at every other their muscles bursting out of their tank tops. They approach and kiss, their beards bristling as Mike grabs Hans’ bulge. Hans sucks Mike’s hot dick, wanking his own uncut cock and grabbing Mike’s hirsute chest muscle as this guy slurps. Mike sucks his rock hard bud back, his own cock palpitating on its own as this guy worships it. Mike gets on his back to take it up his hungry hole, an overhead discharged capturing his hot toned bod as this guy receives pounded. Squeeze your ass! demands the top as that guy works. I’ll fuck you til u cum! he pounds harder and faster, the two releasing their loads Hans rubbing ’em onto the bottom’s abs.

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