Muscular hunk George Ce fucks gay bodybuilder Trenton Ducati

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TitanMen presents new movie Pounded with bodybuilder Trenton Ducati and muscular hunk George Ce.

Posing for a photo shoot, muscular bodybuilder Trenton shows off as George snaps away. The photographer gets up close to adjust Trenton’s clothing and notices the bulge growing in his jeans. I was getting turned on getting my picture taken, says the muscular stud, whose huge cock is pretty soon growing harder between George’s tight lips. Trenton clutches the back of George’s reservoir top and fucks his face, the sucker licking his smooth sac. A sexy shot looks down at one as well as the other sets of taut abs as George’s uncut throbber juts out of his jeans. George rises for a kiss, their boners grinding. Trenton licks down his bud’s bod, spitting on George’s missile previous to sucking it as spit trickle from his swallow. He suggests his hole for eating, George pretty soon fucking him from behind slapping his arse as the bottom yells God, I love that! George’s hole muscles clench as he fucks, Trenton then sitting down on the guy as his own biggest meat bobs around. The top reaches around to jack off Trenton as that guy rides, the bottom arching back as the 2 stare at each other. Trenton gets on his back, his giant chest muscles shaking as this guy acquires pounded some greater amount the 2 soon squirting.

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