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Out on a deck overlooking the great outdoors, JR and darkhaired Topher kiss as their jean bulges connect. They rub every other’s jock bods, a hawt vein bursting from JR’s huge bicep. JR licks down Topher’s smooth skin, working out the stud’s rocket. JR sucks it deep, spitting on it as a strand of saliva drips from his chin. Topher’s abs tighten, JR stroking his own huge boner underneath as another hawt strand of spit connects his chin to Topher’s shaft. Topher sucks his bud back, then bows him over the railing to feast on his smooth hole. Topher slides his cock inside, JR arching his smooth, brawny back as he acquires it doggie style the top’s balls banging his butt. The bottom sits down on Topher, his own cock smacking against the top’s juicy leg as that guy rides. JR shows off his arm and leg strength as this guy slides up and down, then receives on his back for greater amount in advance of they discharge JR whipping his moist cock on his abdomen previous to Topher douses him.

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