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Dallas Steele and David Benjamin need to rent out their vacation home to help offset bills. David eases the stress by moving in for a kiss as they rub each other’s muscular bods. David gets to his knees, a smile on his face as Dallas’s big boner pops out. David deep throats him, Dallas frequently bending down for a kiss. “Baby, I fucking love your cock,” moans David. “Fuck my face, man!” Dallas whips it on David’s mouth, the sucker burying his nose inside the stud’s pubes ( “Get that cock wet!”). They kiss, boners poking each other, before Dallas chokes on David’s dick. They eat each other’s holes, David gripping the table as he gets rammed from behind ( “Open it up!”), His boner slamming his own leg. David sits on the top, showing off his leg strength as he bounces up and down-his dick hitting Dallas’s quad. David gets on his back, his tight abs rubbed by Dallas-who feeds his thumb to the verbal bottom as he fucks him ( “Pound my fucking ass!”). David squirts, feeding his cum-soaked fingers to Dallas-who soon shoots on the bottom.

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