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Mark Rollins (David Benjamin) has finally settled into his new job, his new home and his new life in Silverlake … now for the final piece. Meeting the handsome neighbor he’s seen around for a few months, he finally gets his chance to get to know him. Mark and Nate (Mitch Vaughn) finish up a glass of wine and conversation when Nate finally goes for it, leans in for a kiss and then men are off. Kissing and exploring each other’s bodies lead to Mark down on his knees sucking off Nate followed by Nate shoving his tongue in Mark’s ready ass. Mark moans while Nate slams his thick dick up Mark’s open hole, then he gets up and sits down to ride it. Moving to the floor, the two men fuck face to face, Mark blowing a huge load all over himself before Mitch blows his own load. Mark’s story gets a happy ending but … seems the story for his former employer (Senator Mike Cauke) is just beginning.

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