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Jed Athens and Mike Tanner “This your rugby gear?” Asks Jed Athens, lounging in bed with a beer as he stares at Mike Tanner-wearing nothing but a towel, fresh out of the shower after his match. Jed wants his bud to put it on, but Mike turns the tables-asking Jed to put on his sweaty uniform. Jed strips down and suits up as Mike watches, taking a swig of beer as his throbbing boner escapes underneath his towel. Jed strokes his own meat as the two stare at each other. Jed gets closer, Mike eyeing Jed’s cock and repeatedly looking up at him before sucking him-a bead of pre-cum forming on Mike’s big dick head. Mike stands up, Jed rubbing their dicks together before sucking him back-Mike’s boner throbbing up as Jed opens wide to take it. Jed gets on his back in bed, moaning “Like that hole? Pound it! “As Mike fucks him hard. Mike then gets fucked, Jed marveling at the bottom boner: “Look at that hard dick! Fuck! “Mike’s pecs shake as he gets slammed, Jed soon standing over him and dumping his load, the bottom then shooting his thick white wad.

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