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An afternoon haircut and beard trim turns into some heavy action for these two edgy, scruffy men. Damien Michaels, the tattooed, ginger barber finishes work on the ruggedly handsome Tex Davidson and decides to get to work on Tex’s big, thick, hard dick. Getting to his knees at the foot of the barber’s chair, Damien sucks Tex to the hilt. Gasping for air, choking on its thickness. Damien keeps Tex on the edge, moaning for more. Tex stands him up and pulls Damien’s hard dick from his pants to suck it before turning him around, bending him over the chair and fucking him right there. Damien’s hole stretches to fit Tex’s girth. It’s a tight fit but Damien takes it like a boss, all the way in. Wanting to pound it out a bit more, Tex moves Damien to a nearby window bench and, in full view of the neighbors, sits Damien down on his dick for another round of pounding. Back to the chair, this time with Damien with both his legs in the air, getting his hole pounded as he grunts and shouts for more. The thickness and full 9” of Tex’s dick gets buried deep in Damien’s hole until neither can take any more and both blow big loads all over Damien’s hairy abs. All in a day’s work at the Barber Shop.

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